Are GMO’s Safe?

clueless ladyIf you’ve ever wondered whether GMO’s are safe, this is a neat little TEDx talk called, The Gene Revolution, The Future of Agriculture by Dr. Thierry Vrain.

Thierry Vrain retired 10 years ago after a long career as a soil biologist and ended head of a department of molecular biology. In his retirement career as a gardener, he learned how the soil ecosystem really functions and has joined the campaign to educate consumers about the potential health problems reported in the recent scientific literature.

Check out the lecture below:


Things you will learn from the lecture:  

  •  Genetically Engineered Foods (GMO’s) are considered  “substantially equivalent”, so no testing is required.
  • In 1996, research scientists of the FDA predicted that engineered foods would contain rogue proteins that could be toxic, causing allergies, nutritional deficiencies and other diseases.
  • Research sponsored by biotec corporations shows GMO technology is safe.
  • Most (if not all) non-industry testing shows problems with GMOs and that it should be tested further before being released into the food system.
  • Documented test findings include – intestine damage, kidney damage, liver damage, brain damage, testicle damage, ovarian damage.
  • From the Human Genome Project – science still does not understand exactly how some DNA instructs the genes in the creation of protein.  Yet, we feel it is safe to tinker with this process.
  • Antibiotic resistance can also stem from GMO foods , not just feed lot animals.

What does this mean to me?

The bottom line is this. Engineered foods have not been fully tested in the full lifespan of a human (they really have not been around that long).  There seems to be enough evidence that further non-bias testing should be conducted.  Until that happens, if you chose to consume GMO foods, then you are part of the testing of GMO products.

What can you do?

When you shop, choose organic, non-gmo products.  If you do most of your own cooking, you can control most of what you consume. The challenge is when you eat out at a restaurant or at someone’s house because you can’t really be certain of the ingredients.

In today’s environment, you can’t completely eliminate your exposure to GMOs, but you can definitely take steps to minimize your exposure by controlling what you buy and what you prepare at home.

And, the good news is that taking the time to prepare and eat food at home will not only remove your family from being part of this big ‘experiment’, it will also simultaneously give you more time with your family, better weight, and improved health overall.

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