Healthy Eating on the Go with Nathan Agin

Is it possible to be healthy and still eat out? Travel? Be social?

nathan_aginWhen you start learning about healthy eating, making changes to your diet and experiencing how good it makes you feel, one of the first challenges you face is how to maintain your new healthy eating lifestyle without becoming some kind of hermit.

After all, you don’t want to appear rude or difficult while ordering food at a restaurant or eating at someone’s home. No one wants to be the ‘weirdo’.

That’s why we’re super excited to introduce you to Nathan Agin and share a cool project he’s working on.

As a modern-day nomad, Nathan had to learn to eat healthy on the go. He’s been traveling for the last 3 years and somehow he’s managed to make healthy eating a priority, while constantly traveling.

It’s so fascinating to talk with someone who shares the same eating lifestyle in a completely different environment. When it comes to healthy eating, Nathan has really shown that it can be done on the road. That you can eat healthy, whole foods no matter where you are.

Plus, he’s starting a super cool new show that you’re going to love. A show that will help you discover new healthy places to eat. New recipes you can make at home. And how to Travel. Eat. Thrive.

Here’s what you’ll learn from my chat with Nathan:

  • How to make healthy eating on the go a priority (without the guilt)
  • Tips for healthy eating on the go (Discover Nathan’s 24 tips for Healthier Eating Out)
  • How to overcome your fear of the kitchen & make healthy restaurants your classroom
  • How simple whole foods can be surprisingly delicious
  • The inside scoop on the pilot episode for Travel. Eat. Thrive.

(Oh, and definitely check out Nathan’s cookbook, Nonstop Awesomeness in the Kitchen, full of simple, delicious, and nutritious meals—all of which Nathan has used and continues to use with life on the road.) Hope you’ll join us to watch the premiere of Travel. Eat. Thrive. on October 15 for some fun, healthy eating!

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  1. Karen Smith
    October 10, 2013

    Hey Nathan! Thanks so much! We rarely get comments on our pages, but I did get several emails thanking me for sharing you with them! 🙂 Keep us all posted!

  2. October 10, 2013

    Thanks so much for the great questions and the opportunity to share the show! 🙂

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