How not to absorb BPA from receipts

TKS ReceiotI am always amazed at the size of the cash register receipt I receive from my local CVS store when I go in to grab one item. Typically when I go there it is for one quick thing like a greeting card, batteries, soap, toilet paper, glue stick, protractor, shoehorn…you know, the standard stuff. Do I really need a 3-foot cash register receipt for my dental floss? Usually, I never even look at it and unless there is some tax benefit to saving it, the receipt goes directly into the trash when I get home.

I have always thought this is a huge waste of paper, but ever since I heard there is BPA in cash register receipts, I cringe as I stuff my 3-foot long receipt into my cargo shorts pocket. The good news is, as long as I do not use hand sanitizer or lotion right before, I might not have to worry as much as I thought.

According to Dr. Greger,

“Researchers at the University of Missouri “conducted [a] study to mimic aspects of the behavior of people in a fast-food restaurant where [they] observed people using [a] hand sanitizer,…handling a…receipt,…and eating food with their hands.” They found that when people handled the receipt right after using Purell, BPA was transferred to their fingers, then fries, and then the combination of absorption through the skin and the mouth led to significant levels of active BPA in their blood.”

The short video below is worth the 5 minutes of your time, but bottom line, you might want to avoid using lotion or hand sanitizer right before touching your next 3-foot long cash register receipt.

As I write this, I think I am going to start just telling the lovely cashier at my local store that I will pass on the receipt to avoid the issue all together.

Besides, am I really ever going to return that birthday card I gave to aunt Betty?  

Umm, “Yes, can I exchange this greeting card for funnier one?”

I am just way too lazy for that!

Here is a link to the original article.

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