How The Government Got You To Eat More Cheese


Who does not love cheese?  Did you ever wonder why cheese is so addicting?

When I work with my clients one-on-one, cheese is a big challenge for people. They feel so addicted to it, just like I once was. Pizza was my kryptonite!  I could have just finished a Thanksgiving Feast and if you would have put a piece of pizza in front of me, I could have not resisted it.

Why is that?

Besides being hard-wired to crave fats, dairy has an opiate-like effect in humans.  So, you can see why it is so darn attractive to us.

Now, there is a lot of debate around the health benefit of cheese (specifically around the saturated fat).  Some will tell you to eliminate it entirely, but for many of us that takes all of the joy out of life.  Today, I advise my clients to treat cheese as more of a flavoring, rather than a main ingredient. That’s a great first step.

What about the calcium?  Well, diary is probably not the most efficient way to get calcium. If you are a parent and need help buying nutritious foods you can learn how to apply for wic here.  You can check out an article I wrote a few years back called, “got calcium”.

How much is too much?

Since 1977, our cheese consumption has more than tripled! So, if you’re looking at how much to cut back, cutting down cheese at least by 2/3 might be a great start.

We used to have cheese almost with every meal at our house – sandwiches, pizza, quesadillas, grilled cheese, Mac ‘n cheese.  We never really gave it much thought until we started learning about the effects of that much cheese on our health.

Please take a minute and watch this short 3 minute video by Michael Moss so you can understand why our cheese consumption has gone up since the 1970’s.

In Salt Sugar Fat—which was recently featured on the cover of The New York Times Magazine—Michael Moss examines the boardroom strategies of America’s most recognizable food brands. He explains how food science labs have calculated the “bliss point” of sugary products to guarantee maximum addictiveness.

How the government got you to eat more cheese – by Michael Moss


We were addicted to cheese

Pizza, quesadillas, tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni & cheese, bean & cheese burritos, nachos, cheese crackers, cheese wiz, cream cheese, chili with cheese, spaghetti with cheese, cheese burgers…you get the idea. Everything we ate had cheese in it, on it or was it.

Cheese is a tough one to tackle if a lot of your diet revolves around it, like ours did. We never even realized how much we were consuming until we started to pay attention to it. And, we didn’t realize how addicted we were.

Luckily, we broke out of the cycle. Now, we have dedicated our lives to helping other people and families to do the same. We are having a live webinar to share exactly how we did it and give you the steps to follow so you can break out, too.

Please join us for our FREE LIVE webinar

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Knowledge it the key to resolving our nation’s weight and health problems. Please share this post with any parents or loved ones you know.  This is important information everyone should be aware of.

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