How to Create a Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner

makeover We totally remember what it was like when we first started ‘eating healthy’. We started to dread the holidays because we knew we would eat stuff we didn’t want to eat. Thanksgiving was one of the worst because it was so much food and there was very little on the table we felt good about eating.

That’s when we started digging around for ideas and ways to make our traditional dishes more healthy. And, this year, we finally documented it all for you.

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Makeover is a complete guide to a healthy Thanksgiving dinner. 12 delicious recipes that give a healthy spin to all of your traditional favorites from the mashed potatoes to the cranberry sauce – even a sugar-free dessert.

In fact, even your sugar-free, meat-free, gluten-free friends & family will LOVE your Thanksgiving dinner table when you fill it up with these amazing dishes

Check it out here – The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Makeover


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