Is eating healthy more expensive?


Money. It can be such a hinderance…to just about anything really. So many of our decisions are driven by a price tag.

Just last night, I bought a pair of shoes – had narrowed it down to two choices….one that I loved and one that I ‘liked’ (but was half the price).

Which did I buy? You guess it…the less expensive one.

Why? That’s the million dollar question.

Was it really because I couldn’t afford the extra $ or was it because I wanted to ‘feel better about myself by saving a few bucks’ or was it that I didn’t really think that me or my feet were worthy of the extra $ – just get the pair that gets the job done…not the ones that I know will make my feet comfy and that I know will last and that I will love for years to come.

Interesting isn’t it?

We get tricked into this mentality all the time when it comes to food. We choose the ‘get it done’ option, rather than the ‘long-term, better quality of life’ option. The ‘cheap now’ versus the ‘less expensive in the long-term’.

And, ultimately, we end up spending even more money because we don’t get the results or because our energy is low or because we feel crummy & need a ‘quick fix’.

Crazy, isn’t it?

So, back to the question – is eating healthy more expensive?

In our experience, we definitely went through a learning curve from our Costco-bulk shopping, processed/packaged/oven-ready, take-out lifestyle to our whole foods, organic, ‘best quality food you can buy’ lifestyle. 

We definitely spent a ridiculous amount of money learning…taking classes, reading books, buying programs, experimenting with various food swaps, buying different juices/bars/etc.

When I look back, it’s staggering really…the amount of money that was spent.

Would I do it different now? Absolutely.

Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Sure, we spent a lot of money, but as a result of all that we learned, we have been able to come back and teach other people – to show them how to get it done without all of the costly mistakes – to streamline the process and to make it so much more efficient.

It’s what we’ll be teaching in our course that starts Thursday, March 6.

Looking back, would I have spent $60/week for eight weeks to learn all that I know now? To save the thousands of dollars we spent with all of the diet programs, detoxes, juices, shakes, supplements, exercise programs, yada, yada, yada…

Short answer – absolutely!

The truth is, money is one of the driving factors of why we put this program together. We know not everyone can afford to make the mistakes we made, they don’t have the time or the budget. We know not everyone can afford the luxury of meeting with a nutritionist every week. We know that it’s frustrating to stop and think about all that you’ve spent on diet & exercise programs…only to let yourself down again and again.

Dieting is expensive. Not only in terms of the money you spend, but in terms of the toll it takes on your body and your health. You just can’t afford it. None of us can.

So, yes – when you first get in the learning curve of eating healthy & mastering the fuel you put in your body, you may have to spend a little cash. (If you want to save yourself a bunch of money, definitely sign up for our course.) 

But, even if you don’t…just know that what little extra you spend now is not money spent, it’s money saved. You may spend more in the grocery store, but you’ll very likely spend less on:

  • eating out
  • supplements
  • exercise programs
  • medicines
  • doctor visits
  • diet foods, shakes, etc.

So, one last time, back to the question – Is eating healthy more expensive?

No. Now that we’ve made the shift – we spend a lot less than we used to spend on all of the crap we were eating. And, we now eat the best quality food we can get our hands on.

Not only do we spend less on food, we spend less on all things in the health/fitness category of our lives.

Not only less money, but… less time, less energy. And certainly – less self-talk and guilt.

If you’re ready to learn how to lose the weight & win the battle, join our course.

If you’re not ready, keep hanging out – we’ve got a lot more to share in the weeks ahead to save you both time & money, while eating well & having the healthy body you know is in there somewhere.

In the meantime, be honest with yourself.

Don’t buy the cheap shoes that hurt your feet and will wear out over the next 12 months, if in reality you can afford the slightly more expensive pair that hug your feet in luxury and that you know will last for life.

Okay – I’ve gotta run – I have a pair of shoes to return…

P.S. If you want to save yourself some time & money, you’d probably love our recipe book – 130+ recipes that use coconut oil (the right way).


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