The Kitchen Tool We Couldn’t Live Without

screensTKSMenusIf you’ve followed along with us for a while, you know that in 2012, TK and I took an entire year and developed an online menu program. Why? Because with our new approach to eating (whole foods, plant-strong, organic, home-made), we needed help!

  • Recipe sites were overwhelming (and even then didn’t offer up recipes that were truly healthy)
  • Menu planning sites were just starting to pop up, but they didn’t have great recipes behind them
  • We had been collecting lots of recipes, but wanted a website where we could easily access & search all of them
  • We needed a way to share all of these great recipes with our private clients
  • And, we were sick of planning meals, making grocery lists & knew we could do it more efficiently

What we didn’t realize was that this one tool would become the kitchen tool we couldn’t live without. As a busy family, with lots of businesses to run and all of the things we’re involved in in our community, maintaining a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is a challenge.

  • Everywhere you go, you’re faced with food that doesn’t support your goals.
  • Being short on time makes the idea of eating out or grabbing something to go…almost too convenient to turn down.

Because of The Kitchen Skinny Menus, we are able to handle all of our responsibilities in the world and to maintain our commitment to healthy eating. And, to do it in a way that is enjoyable and practical. To us, that’s huge.

Every day around 5pm, we go look at the fridge (where our menu is posted), pull up the recipe on our ipad, follow the instructions and by 5:30pm, we are all gathered around for a nice, healthy family dinner.

If we didn’t have these tools, it simply wouldn’t happen. I can promise you, we’d be doing what we used to do – grabbing a burrito or sandwich at our favorite casual restaurant or something quick from the prepared foods at the grocery store or some frozen thing we’d bought at Costco.

The really cool thing is now that Tyler and Kady are getting ready to be out on their own, they can also use the menu site to maintain a healthy, whole foods lifestyle. The recipes are simple. They have step-by-step instructions on the screen to reference. And, they can pull up a menu and shopping list in seconds so they only have to shop once a week. That not only saves time, but money because having the plan helps you shop smart and keeps you from the natural default to just ‘eat out’.

Making a commitment to remove yourself from the crazy food environment that we all live in (to eat more whole foods – to reduce or eliminate meat & dairy – to unplug from all of the hidden sugars, GMOs and countless chemicals) is hard work. Now that we’ve created a way to easily access 130+ of our family favorites and simplify the process of menu planning and grocery shopping, we’ve removed the obstacles that used to get in the way of making healthy choices. (In fact, it’s easier to whip up something at home now than it is to figure out where to go eat or grab take out. That’s a HUGE shift from a family that used to eat out 3-4 times/week!)

If you’re looking for a tool, I can’t tell you how much this menu program has changed our life. We’ve made it super accessible through an online membership site that you can access anywhere and I can guarantee you, you’ll not only discover some great new family favorites, you’ll find yourself eating better, feeling better and less stressed in the process.

Give it a try and see how it helps you eat better at your house.



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